The A5 Art Show 

This year art work is donated by residents and staff of Notting Hill Genesis and invited professional artists. All artwork is displayed anonymously; the artist remaining a mystery until the art work is sold and collected.

Over the summer months professional artists led four creative workshops with groups of residents. A selection of this artwork features in the exhibition.  All artworks are A5 in size (210 x 148 mm) and have the same price tag of £50 each. Sales are limited to six pieces per person.  

The A5 Show has been generously sponsored by Savills Residential Development, Housing, Valuations and Viability departments, who are

 “thrilled to be sponsoring this fantastic event once again”.

Proceeds from sales will go to the Tenant Hardship Fund which supports our most vulnerable residents in time of need.

The fourth Notting Hill Genesis resident biennale Art Show
Art work can be viewed and saved from November 5.

Artwork can be purchased from 6.30pm on 28 November when the A5 show e-commerce goes live

The A5 Show exhibition
Koppel Project Gallery, 26 Holborn Viaduct,
London, EC1A 2AT

Thursday 29th November – Friday 21th December 2018
(10am-6pm Monday – Friday / Saturday 12am-4pm)


Samuel Adedoyin
Esther Adesina
Eddy Agaga
Caitlin Akers
Roy Aldridge
Phillip Allen
Iman Altay
Paresha Amin
Lydia Anderson
Gage Anderson
Charlotte Animashaun
Rita Appleby
Elaina Arkeoll
John Athnasious
David Awe
Esther Awe
Azerryna Azlan
Jeanette Ball
Peter Bates
Pauline Batista
Simon Bayliss
Lorenza Beardmore
Brian Belgrave
Sean Bell-Briggs
Beverley Bennett
Eva Bertini
Om Bhanot
Manjit Bhogal
Vincent Black
Katrina Blannin
Scarlett Bowman
Dot Brady
Dana Brass
Jim Broadbent
Lydia Brockless
Yoke-Shum Broom
Mary Burke

Colin Burns
Matthew Burrows
Luke Burton
Molly Butt
Pablo Castaneda Santana
Tom Chamberlain
Stephen Chambers
Selina Chapman
Shama Chohan
Monika Cilmi
Jeanette Clark
Jonathan Clark
Andrea Coltman
John Cooper
Jackie Copeland
Sadie Cox
Sacha Craddock
Billy Crosby
Michael Crossan
Hazel Cruickshank
Leigh Curtis
Pat Dale
Yvette Dalmeda
Catarina D’Avanzo
Royston Davies
Kate Davies
Lara Davies
Esther de Pina
Elliot Dodd
Sean Downes
Wendy Drury
Eileen Cooper
Fernene Eunoia
Holly Ewhrudjakpo
Christopher Farrell
Jarek Filipowicz

William Forbes-Hamilton
Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard
Mark Foster
Joy Gerrard
Lauren Godfrey
Jackie Gollanz
Jolie Goodman
Thomas Greig
Anne Griffith
Rebecca Guez
Rosie Haine
Naida Haitham
Jacqui Hallum
Francesca Harris
David Harrison
Alice Hartley
Max Harvey
Helen Hayward
Aly Helyer
Maggie Henderson
Wayne Henry
Clive Hodgson
Rachael House
Ayla Idrizi
Vanessa Jackson
Davina Jackson
Kusum Jerath
Jessy Jetpacks
Michael John
Joan Johnston
Hollis Jones
Poppy Jones
Reece Jones
Geeta Kapoor
Simon Keenleyside
Phil King

Anna Klimentchenko
Andy Larkin
Jack Lavender
Emily Lazerwitz
Margaret Leader
Sadie Lee
Hannah Lees
M Lohrum
Adrian Long
Ines Lopez
Mary Macken Allen
Hern Mercer
Bridget Metcalfe
Clare Miller
David Mills
Joon Hong Min
Glynis Minors
Neville Mittalman
Richie Moment
Robert Moore
Cate Morris
David Natufe
Awa Nyass
Francoise Ologbosere
Gill Ord
Joseph O’Rourke
Mary O’Shaughnessy
Tom Owen
Alex Parry
Harrison Pearce
Affoline Peck
Simon Periton
Rajiv Peter
Sarah Pickstone
Laura Pitcher
Tom Platt
Nicole Price
Paloma Proudfoot
Kashan Pruthi

Woliar Rahman
Mary Ramsden
Joshua Richards
Sybil Roach
Fiona G. Roberts
Phil Root
Giles Round
Gideon Rubin
Andreas Ruethi
Helen Sear
Hosanna Semere
Tom Sewell
Nadine Shaban
Maria Silva
Sonia Silvestri
Shanay Skyers
Alexander Small
Joshua Sofaer
Gina Southgate
Rosalyn Springer
Alexander Stavrou
Leah Stewart
Jade Stowe
Pam Symes
Ross Taylor
Maria Theresa
Carl Turner
Jelica Urukola
Doreen Valerie
Jasmeet Volera
Duane Warner
Rupert Whale
Casper White
Pauline Wood
Margaret Ann Worster
Nadia Wrezkinska

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